infiniDome deploying tech to protect GPS services at railway stations across Israel

The monitoring technology will detect threats and disruptions as well as provide alerts so railway operators can react immediately and accordingly, the company says

Photo: Israel Railways

GPS security company infiniDome announced Tuesday it is participating with Israeli partner Focus Telecom in a new project with Israel Railways involving deployment of GPS repeaters at more than 30 railway stations across the country. The company said the project will provide accurate, location-based service indoors at all locations for a new Israel Railways ticketing app. 

A critical component of the project is a monitoring service that detects and provides alerts of any GPS disruption or interference in real time, as they are identified. This is facilitated by infiniDome’s IoT GPSensors and its cloud-based GPS monitoring service, infiniCloud, according to the company.

“Incorporating infiniDome’s proven resilient PNT capability to monitor and protect such a critical GPS service is a necessary enhancement for government designated critical infrastructures,” said Ehud Sharar, CEO of Focus Telecom, a provider of time synchronization solutions.

Israel Railways is considered a cornerstone of the country's critical infrastructure. In 2018, the national railway carried 68 million passengers. 

infiniDome CEO Omer Sharar said "GPSensor IoT technology combined with our infiniCloud GPS security cloud assures real-time alerts about jamming attacks. All GPS signal data and its assured integrity are available as real time data so Israel Railways can react immediately and reduce downtime of the network."

infiniDome provides cyber solutions protecting wireless communications from jamming attacks. Its solutions are tailored for defending the GPS systems which are at the heart of drones and other unmanned systems, vehicle fleets and critical networks as well as defense applications, according to the company.