Meprolight introduces two new backup sights 

The Mepro FUBS and Mepro FABS were developed due to increased demand in the US market for optical sights, especially backup sights for rifles from the AR family

Photo: Meprolight

Meprolight USA, a subsidiary of Meprolight Israel, recently introduced two new backup sights, the Mepro FUBS and the Mepro FABS, as part of its efforts to meet growing demand in the US market. The sights are the latest additions to the company's Mepro FRBS series. 

According to the company, the new sights were developed as the company identified increased demand in the US market for optical sights, and particularly demand for backup sights for AR family rifles. Meprolight has stepped up its marketing and manufacturing efforts and has marketed tens of thousands of Self Illuminated Flip Backup sights for both U.S. arms manufacturers and the U.S. civilian market. Thanks to a reliable and fast supply chain, the company captured a significant market share in the American market and in order to maintain its position, it added and diversified the family of backup sights with the launch of the two new sights, the company said.

Benny Kokia, VP of Marketing and Sales - Civil Markets Division, said that the uniqueness of Meprolight's backup sights is that they are adjustable and equipped with an illumination source, which allows accurate shooting even in the evening and at night. The sights do not interfere with or prevent use of optical sights, are easy to maintain, and are durable and reliable for years, according to the company.

Kokia says that the company is one of the main beneficiaries of the increased demand in the American market for optical sights and day/night sights for pistols. U.S. outlets reported increased demand among citizens and hunters for the FORESIGHT sight, which was first launched and marketed in 2020, as well as for Mepro 21 sights, for RDS PRO VII sights with a green and red reticle, and for MicroRDS sights. Thanks to correct assessments, the company in Israel has been able to supply and respond quickly to the increased demand throughout 2020 while abiding by COVID-19 restrictions.

Kokia said, "2020 has enhanced the power of Meprolight. Thanks to a rich variety of optical rifle sights and day/night sights for guns, as well as the successful launch of new products, deepening the company's presence in thousands of US outlets and major trading sites, alongside chain supply efficiency, fast delivery and exceptional dedication of our employees in Israel and the United States, we can be very proud of our achievements. The year 2021 has opened strongly and we hope to persevere, innovate and surprise this year as well."

Meprolight backup sights. Photo courtesy of the company