Colombian Army continues to procure Galil ACE-23 rifles

This time it is purchasing nearly 3,800 rifles valued at approximately $4.4 million

Photo: Ejército Nacional de Colombia

The Colombian Army continues to purchase 5.56mm Galil ACE-23 rifles. This time it is procuring 3,771 rifles worth about $4.4 million. At the beginning of December, Israel Defense reported that the Colombian army purchased more than $10 million worth of them. The ACE-23 is part of the ACE line manufactured by Colombian company Indumil with authorization from Israeli company IWI for more than 10 years. reports that this additional procurement is due to a need by the Columbian Army Logistics Division, which states that the military has 54,709 ACE-23s in stock, but currently requires 105,287 of them. With the latest acquisition, the army continues the process of replacing all of its 5.56x45 mm Galil AR rifles.

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