Production of Serval light armored vehicles for French Army approved 

Over 100 of the vehicles, intended for use in conflict zones, are to be delivered to the French Army in 2022 alone

The Serval. Photo: Texelis

French companies Nexter and Texelis, which are cooperating in a joint venture for production of the multi-role Serval light armored vehicle, announced that they were awarded a contract late last month to produce more than 350 of the vehicles for the French Armed Forces.  

The companies said they received notification on December 23 from the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) of the contract for production of 364 vehicles, with the delivery of the first 12 during the first half of 2022 and 96 more in the second half.

According the companies' statement, the 15-ton 4x4 Serval integrates various equipment common to Scorpion vehicles, in particular the electronic heart of the vehicle, a cupola remotely operated from the cockpit, threat detectors as well as the Scorpion combat information system, which allows it to be integrated into the network of Scorpion systems. Based on a modular architecture, Nexter and Texelis have developed three main versions of this weapon system (patrol, intelligence and reconnaissance, and communication relays) that are available in many variants.

Intended for interventions in conflict zones, the Serval is said to combine flexibility, strategic mobility and the capability of carrying payloads. Nexter and Texelis said it is an essential complement to the Griffon multi-role armored vehicles and the Jaguar armored reconnaissance and combat vehicles that the main armored segment of the land task force will be equipped with. In addition, as part of a procedure launched by the gendarmerie to renew its fleet of armored vehicles, the joint venture is offering a system based on the Serval integrating a motorized protection solution capable of operating in metropolitan France as well as overseas, the companies said.