Brazilian Army plans to refresh its fleet of armored vehicles

The army would like to acquire over 200 8x8 armored vehicles as well as replace its Urutu 6x6 APCs 

A Brazilian Army Cascavel. Photo: Exército Brasileiro

Spanish website reported last week that the Brazilian Army has announced a program to acquire new wheeled armored vehicles as well as modernize the EE-9 Cascavel. The Brazilian Army would like to acquire 221 8x8 armored vehicles armed with a 105mm cannon and to replace EE-11 Urutu 6x6 armored vehicles with a new combat vehicle.

According to the Army Recognition website, the Brazilian Army has a total of 408 EE-9 Cascavel 8x8 armored vehicles, which are armed with a 90mm cannon, and 223 EE-11 Urutu 6x6 armored personnel carriers.

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