IAI conducts interception test using Barak-8 system

As Israel Defense reported a few days ago, IAI and India's DRDO carried out another test of the Barak-8

Boaz Levy. Photo: IAI

The test, which was carried out in India under coronavirus restrictions, is additional evidence of the commitment of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to the partnership with the Indian defense establishment. IAI and the Indian Defense Ministry's Defense Research Development Organization successfully completed the test of the Barak-8 MRSAM air defense system that was carried out several days ago at a test site in India. 

The test validated all components of the weapon system to the satisfaction of the Indian military representatives and scientific experts, as well as the IAI air defense experts. The test included different extreme reference scenarios, validating various system capabilities. As part of the test, the MRSAM interceptor was launched from a land-based mobile launcher and successfully hit its targets. 

The test began with the launch of the target and its entry into a flight path. The system's radar detected the threat and followed the target's flight. The MRSAM interceptor was then launched into its trajectory. The interceptor then acquired the target and successfully intercepted it. All of the goals set for the performance of the weapon system were met during the complex test.

Boaz Levy, IAI’s President and CEO, said "MRSAM Air & Missile Defense System is a cutting edge, innovative system, that once again has proven its advanced capabilities against a variety of threats. Every trial in an air defense system is a complex operational event and the COVID-19 limitations significantly increase the complexity. This trial is yet another testimonial to the strong partnership between IAI and India and the two nations. IAI is proud to lead this impressive cooperation with DRDO and the Indian forces and is dedicated to its continued success."

The MRSAM system from the Barak air defense system family is an operational system used by the Israeli Navy and the Indian Navy, Air Force, and Army. The system is a unique joint development by IAI, in cooperation with the Indian Defense Ministry's DRDO, the navies of the two countries as well as Israeli and Indian defense companies including Rafael, TATA, L&T, BDL, BEL, and others. 

The volume of sales of the Barak-8 system in recent years has exceeded $6 billion. The system provides wide area and pinpoint defense from a variety of sea domain threats from land, sea and air. It includes a number of key systems at the technological forefront such as MMR digital radar, command and control, launchers and interceptors with an advanced guidance system.

A video of the test can be seen here

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