Chilean Army conducts training with Elbit's LAR 160 rocket system

The multiple rocket launcher system developed in the late 1970s by Israel Military Industries, now part of Elbit Systems, was incorporated by the Chilean Army in 1993

Chilean Army conducts training with Elbit's LAR 160 rocket system

Photo: Ejército de Chile

The Chilean Army continues to train with Israeli-made weapons systems. According to the website, a unit of the Army carried out target practice with the LAR 160 artillery rocket system as part of its annual training program.

This unit, the only one in the Army that has artillery rockets, deployed Mercedes-Benz MB 2653 trucks with two containers with a capacity for 13 projectiles each, and fired the 160 mm MK-IV rockets. The training was carried out by Artillery Group No. 6 Dolores of Motorized Brigade No. 4 Rancagua of the VI Division in the Pampa Chaca range in Arica, the website said.

The target practice also included the use of Mercedes-Benz MB 2653 trucks from the logistic support battery that are equipped with a hydraulic crane to carry out the replacement of the LAR 160 rockets used at the firing range, according to Infodefensa.

The LAR 160 multiple rocket launcher system was developed in the late 1970s by Israel Military Industries (IMI), now part of Elbit Systems, and incorporated by the Chilean Army in 1993. The LAR 160 rockets are 160mm in diameter, 3.4m long, and weigh 100kg. The MK-IV rockets, with a range of 45 kilometers, are currently co-manufactured by Chile's Fábrica y Maestranzas del Ejército (Famae).

The lifting and turning of the truck-mounted launchers is done through an electro-hydraulic system and has a manual back-up system. Once in place, four outriggers are lowered to the ground to provide a more stable firing platform. The 26 rockets can be fired in one minute, and the containers changed in five minutes, the report said. 

As part of a program for modernization of the LAR 160's fire control system, the unit is adopting the Nekulpan command and control system jointly developed by Famae and Desarrollos de Automatización (Desa). The Nekulpan system allows the control of all ballistic variables including cartographic scenarios and the use of any type of rockets, regardless of their origin or manufacturer, according to Infodefensa.

Photo: Ejército de Chile

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