Drone detection radar of ARTsys360 sold in US, Mexico and Israel 

The radar is said to detect drones, human targets and vehicles within a 360-degree radius and up to 800m away

Photo: ARTsys360

Israel's ARTsys360, manufacturer of a comparably low-cost, 3D, 360-degree, lightweight drone detection radar, reports it has sold its systems as part of wider counter-UAS purchases to clients in the USA, Mexico and Israel, and is negotiating with several other customers. 

The company says that its innovative radar technology provides coverage of 360 degrees in azimuth and up to 45 degrees above and below the horizon with no mechanical moving parts. ARTsys360 describes the RS-400 radar as a light, low-cost, compact, and reliable micro-radar system with low energy consumption, adding that its 100-milliwatt output means the radar is safe for human exposure and compliant with FCC regulations. The system is said to detect drones, human targets and vehicles within a 360 degree radius and up to 800m away.

According to Meir Zorea, chairman of ARTsys360, the size and coverage of the radar means it can also be used for the coordination of drone traffic over urban areas. "In such a situation you need a great number of radars to be deployed as working as Grid to overcome 'dead sections' created by high buildings," he said. "Because of the low price of our radar, this is starting to become more reasonable Cost/Performance wise." The chairman added that the system costs less than $50,000 – which compares to $150,000 to $300,000 for phased array radars. 

The company says it is developing a new version of the radar that weighs only 1kg and can serve as a drone-based Sense-and-Avoid sensor.


Photo: ARTsys360