Israel’s Wediggit, Jamf to manage Apple devices for organizations in Greece and Cyprus

The experience accumulated by Wediggit, currently said to manage some 10,000 Apple devices in Israel, is expected to open the door to other markets in the region as well

Israel's Wediggit, which provides and manages Apple products at public and private organizations in Israel, and Jamf, a global supplier of tools for managing Apple devices in the enterprise, said Monday that they are partnering to manage Apple devices for organizations in Greece and Cyprus. Wediggit is also serving as Jamf’s sole representative and certified integrator in Israel.

Wediggit, which has been authorized as Apple Solution Expert in Israel, has led over the past decade the rapid penetration of Mac computers and iPads along with their integration in education and business IT systems. MacBook Pro computers have become extremely popular with high-tech, financial, and industrial companies in Israel, and not just because of their quality but also as a result of the unique solutions and support that has been established by Wediggit, the company said.  

In 2016, Wediggit began to offer Jamf solutions in Israel, including a range of management, support, and data security solutions for Apple devices, to public and private organizations. Jamf is said to currently manage Apple devices operated by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide, including 7 of the 10 largest technology companies in the world, 24 of the 25 top global brands with the highest added value, and 8 of the 10 largest companies in the world on a market valuation basis according to the Fortune 500.

Wediggit says it now manages some 10,000 Apple devices at hundreds of companies and organizations in Israel including banks, international high-tech companies with R&D centers in Israel, pharmaceutical companies, government ministries, universities, schools and more. 

Jamf Pro management suite of tools provides IT managers with end to end management capabilities. They cover the entire life cycle of Mac computers, including defining configurations and profiles, deployment and installation, device management, real time monitoring and data security, interfacing with user authentication system, apps management, internal online app stores for organizations, inventory management, self-service tools and more, according to Wediggit. 

The company's CEO, Naty Drutin, said "MacBook Pro succeeded in establishing a substantial foothold in Israel as an all-purpose business laptop largely on the basis of the enterprise-grade support services that are required by regulatory authorities and international enterprises. Apple iPads are in the rise for both education and business as an ultimate solution for remote working. The huge experience we have accumulated in managing Apple systems in Israel and integrating them into the IT infrastructure of organizations will open the door for us to other countries in the region - Greece and Cyprus at this stage, and in the future to additional markets."

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