The Abrams tank: the next generation

According to reports in the American media, the US military has started to plan (again) the next generation of the main battle tanks. The reports say there are three variants being considered

The US has revealed three possible models for the next generation of Abrams tanks for the American Army. The tank is not supposed to be ready before 2023, but in the US they are starting to plan. According to a report by Popular Mechanics, it is a tank that weighs about 70 tons. "The event, a three-day workshop, was held in early October at the U.S. Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center at Detroit Arsenal."

The American military tried a number of times to replace the Abrams. At a certain stage in the 2000s, the service spent billions without building a single vehicle. The October workshop was part of an additional effort, called Optionally Manned Tank (OMT), to plan a new manned tank. The Dead District blog gave technical details on the variants (click on the link to read). The additions to the tank that are being considered include active defense (the Abrams was equipped with Rafael's "Trophy" system), a drone that will enable the crew to acquire targets, and improvements in the comfort of the crew.