Russian Army to replace its heavy rocket artillery systems

New Tornado-S large-caliber multiple launch rocket systems will fully replace Bm-30 and BM-27 systems by 2027, the Army says

The Tornado-S system. Photo: Rostec  

The Russian Army intends to replace its heavy rocket artillery systems, including the Bm-30 Smerch and the BM-27 Uragan self-propelled multiple rocket launcher systems, by late 2027. The Defence Blog website reported that in a statement presented by the Russian Armed Forces, the Chief of Russia’s Missile Troops and Artillery, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Matveyevsky, said that new Tornado-S large-caliber multiple launch rocket systems will go into service. "Tornado-G medium-caliber weapons with automated target aiming will replace outdated Grad multiple rocket launchers,” the general said.

The Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system is a heavy upgrade of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher. The new weapon features increased range and fire accuracy capabilities. The Tornado-S also offers the possibility of introducing an individual flight assignment for each shell. The system is designated to strike enemy manpower and military hardware, including both individual and multiple stationary or mobile targets.

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