Russian airborne units to be equipped with Kornet antitank missiles

Paratroopers will receive portable, mobile tracked and wheeled launchers to completely replace the missiles that are currently available 

A Kornet D1 system on a Tigr armored vehicle. Photo:

Airborne divisions and brigades will be the first in the Russian Army to be equipped with Kornet-D1 antitank missiles, according to the Army Recognition website. Russian Defense Ministry sources said the decision on arming the airborne forces with the Kornet had been made. Paratroopers will receive portable, mobile tracked and wheeled launchers to completely replace currently available missiles. The portable Kornet has already been supplied to airborne units. However, old Fagot, Konkurs and Metis missiles still comprise the backbone of Russia's antitank weapons.

The head of the 242nd airborne training center, Colonel Vitaly Terekhin, said the training of commanders of the new-generation missile launchers would begin in December. Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said it plans to complete trials of the Kornet-D1 on the tracked BMD-4M airborne vehicle in the near future. The weapon will be delivered to antitank battalions of airborne artillery. 

According to Army Recognition, the portable Kornet is being carried on BTR-D armored personnel carriers. It is fired by disembarked paratroopers from the ground or shelters. Several combat vehicles with modules are being designed. They have sights to fire from behind armor.

In 2013, work began on adapting the Kornet for prospective armored airborne platforms. It was reported that besides the BMD-4M, the missiles would be mounted on a wheeled chassis. The Kornet D1 mounted on a 4x4 Tigr armored vehicle has been displayed at Victory Day parades in Moscow for several years. The vehicle can be airlifted but not airdropped. New airmobile units will be also armed with the Kornet-M on Typhoon-VDV armored vehicles. Both options have two modules of four Kornets each, optical devices and sights. One vehicle can simultaneously fire at two targets.