Report: Turkey conducts live-fire test of Russian air defense system

Video of what is described as a "comprehensive test" of the S-400 advanced air defense system on the Black Sea coast was posted on social networks 

Screenshot courtesy @STEMMAKERATOYLE via REUTERS

Turkey has conducted a live-fire test of the S-400 advanced air defense system that it acquired from Russia, according to various reports. This kind of step could anger the US, which previously announced it would impose sanctions on Ankara if it takes such a step. 

Video of what is described as a "comprehensive test" in Sinop province on the Black Sea was posted on social networks. The clip shows a pillar of smoke rising into the sky, which according to experts looks like the launch of an S-400 missile. AP reported that Turkish TV station Haber, known as being close to the government in Ankara, confirmed that the test took place. Russian news agency TASS quoted a source "in military and diplomatic circles" as saying that three missiles were fired and they all "engaged their targets". 

There were also reports that British-make Banshee drones, which may have been used as targets for the air defense system's missiles, were transported to the Sinop area during the last few days. At the beginning of the week, Turkey issued a notice to airmen not to fly in the area on the Black Sea coast.   

According to The Drive website, if the reports of the live-fire test are accurate, it is another example of the current Turkish strategy of managing an independent foreign policy and increasing Turkish influence in the region, from the area of the Black Sea to the eastern Mediterranean.  

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