Sygnia to simulate heavyweight cyberattack at CybertechLive USA

At the upcoming online conference, the provider of incident response services will demonstrate the scenario of a cyberattack against a typical American company 

Photo: Bigstock

Leading cyber incident response company Sygnia will demonstrate at the CybertechLive USA online conference, which is to be hosted from New York City on October 27, the experience of a heavyweight cyberattack against a company. It will be a unique opportunity to get a sense of what a real cyberattack against an organizational network is like.

The session is to include a simulated cyberattack against an American company during the COVID-19 era, presented from the perspectives of both through the attacker and the defender. It will be inspired by real-life experiences to exhibit some of the techniques threat actors are using against organizations worldwide. 

Sygnia will also demonstrate effective approaches applied in responding to and defeating such attacks, and share key recommendations on how to enhance organizational cyber resilience.

To register for the conference, please visit:

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