Lior Textile presents 'Protector' face guard

The new anti-infection equipment covers the head and neck area. It can even stay on during a physical struggle  

Photo: Lior Textile

Lior Textile Industries ltd, an Israeli designer and manufacturer of tactical and protective vests, has announced its new product, a patent pending modular face guard called the Protector. 

The company says that the Protector is unique in that it provides 360-degree head protection and is closed in the back by Velcro strips. It goes a long way toward solving the problem of beards, prevents leakage from behind the mask, and is designed to stay even during altercations. The face guard's standard two-layer cotton has been tested by the Israel Standards Institute to filter 80% of 3-micron particles, but it can be upgraded by fabric filtration inserts that have anti-viral and bacterial properties. The Protector can be worn over other masks and will be available in a light disposable version. The washable, reusable three-strip unique modular design could be a breakthrough in face protection that helps prevent the spread of contagious diseases like coronavirus.

"We think this product has a lot to offer and initial feedback is very positive", says David Schwartz, developer of the modular mask. “I saw problems in existing designs and thought that an easy to put on and take off mask that surrounded the face was the best solution. It closes gaps caused by beards, protects the eyes and looks much better. We based the filtration fabric elements on studies performed in the U.S during the SARS epidemic that showed the great potential of natural fabrics to filter contaminated micro droplets. Today we are cooperating with other Israeli firms to incorporate proactive anti-viral elements in the fabric itself and the mask will be available in disposable versions. Although it is for civilians and ideal for traveling, it has special application to people in security and health because it stays on better in demonstrations and protests and when getting up close to help injured individuals.”

Today’s policemen, emergency responders, health workers and other civilians need to be prepared to protect their face from exposure to viruses and other airborne contagions. The Protector is unique in that it is modular, comfortable, easy to put on or take off, rugged, and provides a level of immediate protection. A police officer responding to a domestic dispute, protest or even riot can quickly put on a Protector and interact with the public with confidence and effectiveness. The Protector stays snug to the face and can stay on even during a physical struggle. When going into a store or waiting in line, the face guard provides protection and a professional appearance. It also enables emergency responders to more safely get up close to injured or unconscious people in need of examination and triage.

Photo: Lior Textile

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