BAE Systems introduces military vehicle cyber protection suite

The 'Fox Shield' cyber resilience system was developed to provide American military platforms with better detection capabilities, attack warning, and mitigation

Photo: Bigstock

BAE Systems unveiled last week a next-generation cyber-threat detection and mitigation solution for U.S. military platforms. The Fox Shield suite is designed to help platforms detect, respond, and recover from cyberattacks in real time. The system’s cyber resilience capabilities can be integrated into ground, air, and space vehicles to protect warfighters and platforms from cyberattacks designed to access and degrade mission capabilities.

“Cyber protection was not necessarily a mission-critical capability when some of these platforms were first developed. That’s why we designed the Fox Shield cyber resilience system to be easily integrated into new and legacy platforms,” said Michael Weber, technical manager for FAST Labs’ Cyber Technology group at BAE Systems. “Security for our warfighters and their platforms is our mission, and this solution offers valuable protection in the cyber domain.”

According to BAE, the Fox Shield solution is the result of a multi-year effort from the company's FAST Labs research and development team. It was developed with ongoing internal investment and builds upon baseline technology that has proven effective on other platforms as previously announced. The mature detection capability – technical readiness level eight – enables real-time detection of cyberattacks, enabling the platform and users to respond and recover from their effects and ensuring mission continuity. The detection capability can be implemented on existing platform computer systems or as a stand-alone solution that provides protection while limiting impacts to size, weight, and power constraints.