Battlefield simulators made by Israel's Bagira used in European military exercise

The exercise marked the first large-scale use in the Netherlands of the JFTES that is said to offer comprehensive simulations of battlefield environments

German troops using the JFTES. Photo: Bagira

Battlefield simulators produced by Israel's Bagira Systems have been used in a large-scale exercise conducted in the Netherlands by three European armies.

Bagira's recently-introduced Joint Fire Training and Exercise System (JFTES) was operated as part of the Bison Strike exercise conducted by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  

Fire support teams from the three armies participated in battlefield simulations along with joint terminal attack controllers, a fire direction center, fire units, and the maneuver commander, according to the company.

The Bison Strike exercise marked the first large-scale use in the Netherlands of the JFTES that Bagira said is in the final stages of introduction to the Royal Netherlands Army, with several configurations of the simulator deployed in six bases. 

The complex scenarios and the integration of different types of fire support were executed very well even though the participants only had partial or no experience using the system, according to the company. 

The simulators deployed by the Royal Netherlands Army support the education and training of fire support teams in planning, detection, engagement, and battle damage assessment. The systems are said to offer trainees a full combat operational environment including a sophisticated opponent in a populated battlefield.  

Bagira says that more than 700,000 soldiers have used simulators developed and supported by the company, which entered the simulation field in 1995. 

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