Israel's MCTECH to deliver anti-drone system to African country

The company's frequency-jamming solution is said to have already been delivered and installed throughout the world

The MC-Horizon. Photo: MCTECH

Israel's MCTECH, which specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high-end radio frequency jammers, announced last week that it won a tender worth millions of dollars to supply the company's MC-Horizon anti-drone systems to an African country. 

The main purpose of the MC-Horizon is to neutralize the communications of unmanned aircraft, such as fixed-wing drones and quadcopters, in order to prevent infiltration of sensitive locations such as military bases, or to protect VIPs from attacks. The MC-Horizon is a high-output system that can be monitored and controlled remotely using dedicated software. It can be supplied as an active or reactive system that operates only after an unfamiliar object enters the protected airspace.

According to company executives, the MC-Horizon is one of the most advanced combat-proven anti-drone solutions in the world, and it has been delivered and installed many times throughout the globe.

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