Israel asks US for defense compensation package

It is due to the American agreement to sell F-35 fighters to the UAE. Israel is interested in the early delivery of refueling planes as well as the V-22 hybrid helicopter-airplane, additional 'Adir' fighters and advanced F-15 fighters

An F-35 fighter. Photo: BIGSTOCK/Copyright: Foto_VDW

Israel is asking the American administration for a defense compensation package that will mainly consist of advanced aircraft and the early delivery of platforms whose acquisition had already been decided. It is compensation for the future American agreement to sell F-35 planes to the UAE while maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge.     

It has become known to Israel Defense that if Defense Minister Benny Gantz discusses the compensation package with his hosts during his current short visit to Washington, the IAF is interested in the early delivery of two Boeing KC-46 refueling planes, as well as an important item that was already discussed in the past: the V-22 Tiltrotor, a unique aircraft mainly intended for flying special forces and special units into war zones. The two aircraft  - the refueling plane and the hybrid helicopter-airplane that takes off and lands vertically - are intended to extend the range of the IAF's operational capabilities.       

Regarding the acquisition of fighters, it is possible that Israel will request a third squadron of Lockheed Martin F-35 "Adir" stealth fighters as well as Boeing F-15EX fighters (that will be called F-15 AI in Israel). This is a mix of planes that meets the demands for the most advanced capabilities in the world for the collection and sharing of intelligence, combined with long-range capability to carry large amounts of munitions. The compensation package may also include requests in the field of munitions.