Doomsday weapon: Northrop Grumman to develop next generation of nuclear missiles for US

The amount of the contract: about $13 billion. Initial operational capability by 2029

Minuteman II ICBM, by SrA Dillon Audit, identified by DVIDS

The Northrop Grumman company was chosen by the US Air Force for modernization of its aging intercontinental ballistic missile system under a contract of $13.3 billion that was awarded for the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) stage of the Ground Based Strategic Deterrence program.  

The nuclear weapon center of the Air Force announced that the effort will last 8.5 years and include weapon system design, qualification, test and evaluation and nuclear certification. With successful completion of EMD, the Northrup Grumman staff will start manufacturing and transferring a modern and integrated weapon system in order to keep the schedule of initial operational capability by 2029.