US Cyber Command shifts from defense to offense

The command moved to a new headquarters in Georgia where an advanced operations center was established to enable the command to combine data and intelligence with operations and thus participate fully in offensive and influential operations

US Cyber Command shifts from defense to offense

Photo: US Cyber Command website

The US Military's Cyber Command moved last week to its new home, an ultramodern building that cost $366 million, located in Fort Gordon in the state of Georgia. The head of the command, Gen. Stephen Fogarty, said the move to the new headquarters will allow the command to fully participate in offensive and influential operations. At a ceremony marking the move of the command, Fogarty said that "We’re going to take a much more direct role in the attack or offense and influence portion of the mission"                            

According to a report by the Defense News website, Fogarty noted that until now the American government had adopted a defensive cyber policy. "We’re at the point now where they have picked up more of the operate and defend, and we’re at a point where we’re able to monitor that. They keep us informed as behavior (of the network) changes really (on a) minute-by-minute basis,” Fogarty said. “What that allows us to do is focus more on integrating all the elements of information operations, electronic warfare, and really very importantly all the commercial data and information that’s available."

An ultramodern and advanced operations center that provides an ability "to sense and understand the global information environment with connectivity to all Army service component commands" was set up in the new headquarters building, according to Fogarty.  

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