Kalashnikov presents updated AK-12 assault rifle

According the company, modifications based on the results of the AK-12's use by Russia's military have improved the weapon's ergonomics 

Kalashnikov presents updated AK-12 assault rifle

Photo: Kalashnikov Media

Russian company Kalashnikov presented an updated version of the AK-12 assault rifle during the recent Army-2020 event held near Moscow. The company announced that based on the results of the use of AK-12 assault rifles by units and subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense, the weapon was modified in a way that improves its ergonomics and makes maintenance easier.

“In the near future, the troops will receive AK-12 assault rifles in a new design. The improvement of any new model of small arms is an ongoing process for any manufacturer, which usually takes years. Our company will continue to be extremely attentive to the wishes of ordering agencies,” said Dmitry Tarasov, General Director of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies, in an interview with the RIA Novosti news agency.

In mid-August, Israel Defense reported that the Kalashnikov Concern had created a new 5.56 mm NATO caliber AK-19 assault rifle based on the AK-12.

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