Sixgill joins IBM's Security Information and Event Management Technology

Together with QRadar, Sixgill's Darkfeed empowers enterprises to harness industry leading threat intel from the dark web and stay ahead of evolving threats

Israeli cyber threat intelligence company Sixgill announced this past week that its Darkfeed threat feed will integrate with IBM's security information and event management technology to identify and prevent cyber-attacks.

Sixgill's automated stream of indicators of compromise (IOCs) can help organizations to preempt attacks before conventional sources can identify threats.

Darkfeed delivers a continuous stream of malicious IOCs based on a large collection of threat intelligence. It notifies customers whenever one of the indicators, including domains, URLs, hashes, and IP addresses, is mentioned on the dark web. Darkfeed is driven by the expansive collection of threat intelligence gathered from deep, dark, and closed web sources. It provides advanced warnings about new cyberthreats.

"Organizations without preemptive threat intelligence are flying blind," said Ron Shamir, Vice President of Products & Technology Alliances at Sixgill. "Much of the traditional threat research that organizations still rely on is a time consuming, labor-intensive process that can't keep up with the threat landscape."

Shamir said that Darkfeed provides "unmatched automated intelligence from the widest set of threat data available."

He added that used in collaboartion with IBM's technology, organizations will be able to gain "industry leading intelligence" to "stay ahead of attacks in real-time."

Sixgill's Darkfeed will integrate with IBM Security QRadar, which analyzes data across an organization's users, endpoints, clouds, applications and networks in real-time to identify potential security threats.

QRadar users will have access to Darkfeed with a "one-click" integration. By harnessing QRadar's open application programming interfaces (APIs), the Darkfeed app empowers organizations to accelerate threat research by identifying malicious indicators of compromise on the dark web, receive early warning of new malware threats, and block items that are potential threats within QRadar.

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