Israeli medical imaging firm Nanox raises $59 million

The company has developed an innovative digital x-ray source that aims to provide low cost and lower radiation medical imaging worldwide

Photo: Nanox

Israeli medical imaging firm Nanox has raised $59 million, bringing its total investment to $110 million from global investors, the company announced on Tuesday.

The investors include SK Telecom, Foxconn, Industrial Alliance and Yozma Korea. Israeli-based A-Labs Advisory and Finance Ltd. was the lead advisor to the financing round.

Nanox, founded by Ran Poliakine, is an Israeli company headquartered outside of Jerusalem  that is developing a commercial-grade digital X-ray source, Nanox.ARC combined with Nanox.Cloud, AI cloud based software, designed to be used in real-world medical imaging applications.

The company aims to revolutionize early-detection healthcare by deploying a global medical imaging infrastructure at an affordable price-per-scan service model to maximize availability and accessibility of medical imaging to all socio-economic communities.

The company has said it has currently signed agreements for the deployment of thousands of units of the Nanox System in eleven global regions.

"It is easy to say that we are aiming to change the world. The main challenge with such statements is always the execution. We have a bold vision to increase early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by X-ray," said Ran Poliakine, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nanox.