Firearm company CAA USA starts marketing MCK P80 for Glock pistols   

The product developed in collaboration with the Polymer80 company converts the pistol into a far more stable platform immediately

CAA USA has begun marketing in the United States a conversion kit for Glock 17 and 19 polymer pistols made by the Polymer80 company. The kit known as "Roni" in Israel and other countries is called the MCK P80 in the US.

According to The Firearm Blog website, the MCK P80 is made entirely in the US and has found a rapidly growing customer base there. CAA has chosen to expand its product line alongside Polymer80 with the MCK P80. “We, at CAA USA, are proud to partner up with such good people at Polymer 80 and believe that our two products are a perfect fit for one another,” LTC (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA said. “We are looking forward to the journey.”

For many, the great selling point of the Micro Conversion Kit is that it is a simple and fast system that requires no disassembly and converts the pistol into a far more stable platform instantly. The MCK P80 comes equipped with an MCKGEN2 stabilizer brace, integrated finger groove grips, improved front spare mag holder that includes a magazine catch/release, and finally comes complete with top and side Picatinny rails for the mounting of optics, lights, and other accessories. Other additions include an increased 15-degree extension to the rear door which allows easier installation and removal of the handgun into the stabilizer platform.

CAA is the developer of the "Roni" pistol conversion kit and owner of the patent for it. In recent years, there were legal battles over ownership of the company and its subsidiaries. But in a compromise reached this year, Moshe Oz, the owner of CAA Israel, regained full ownership of the company. 

Oz, who was interviewed by Israel Defense in early July, claims that as part of the compromise he agreed that CAA USA will continue to manufacture and market the pistol conversion kit in question. Oz noted during the interview with Israel Defense that he set up a marketing company in the US called CAA America that aims to sell the company's products in the American market, including via online sales.

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