Global demand for senior level cloud executive searches increased by 224% since COVID-19, new report finds

Intl executive search firm Leadership Capital Group says there is an ‘acute need for organizations to execute an effective cloud strategy’

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Demand for senior level cloud executive searches have increased by 224% worldwide since March 2020, according to Leadership Capital Group (LCG), a global executive search firm.

According to the firm, the driver behind this dramatic increase is the rush to the cloud accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many more companies are freeing up money that would normally be spent on marketing and shifting it to upgrading technology infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

LCG noted that there is an "acute need for organizations to execute an effective cloud strategy."

As such, job titles for executive cloud positions include: Managing Director of  Infrastructure Services, EVP of Infrastructure and Technology Operations, Head of Digital Products, EVP of AI, Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director of Cloud Services, SVP of Cloud, and Enterprise Cloud Security Strategy Leader. 

Additionally, the Group added that company boards are seeking candidates for traditional leadership roles at major companies - like CEO, President, or Chief Marketing Officer - to be cloud-savvy.

"We have been seeing steady growth in search requests for senior cloud executives from low double digits to over 20 percent in the past three years.  When COVID-19 hit, by April the demand had skyrocketed," said Marc Lewis, CEO of Leadership Capital Group.

Lewis explained that finding these executives is not simple.  "Shifting to cloud services and aligning cloud strategy and implementation with business goals is a question of balance.  Companies need to ask the hard question: 'What does cloud transformation really mean?' Is it just shutting down your server and migrating to a major provider, or is it strategically determining how to synchronize best business practices with what applications and infrastructure remain on premise, and which go to large and niche cloud service providers?"

He noted that a cloud strategy mistake for a major company could cost hundreds of millions in lost productivity through a botched transformation.

Lewis added, "Finding the right person is like the difference between a developer and an architect. What you really want is someone who is like a general manager of cloud services who actually understands the whole ecosystem.  They need to evaluate what things are optimized locally, what things should go to a specialized cloud service, and what can go to the mega providers. The problem is that those who truly understand all the issues and can connect it to business strategies are one in a thousand," he said.

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