Eitan: Lior Protective's new commando vest

The company is said to have drawn upon some of the best elements of military and law enforcement designs from Israel and other countries for the configuration

The Eitan vest. Photo: Lior Protective

Lior Protective, an Israeli designer and manufacturer of tactical and protective vests, has unveiled the Eitan Commando vest as part of its new line of Special Forces and Commando vests.

The Eitan is available in 6 MOLLE (Tactical pouch attachment) system and 8 MOLLE versions.  The Eitan 1 is a compact 6 MOLLE vest that carries a 25X30 hard panel. The Eitan 7 can carry more than one size plate and offers 7 and 8 MOLLE tactical fitting. Both versions come with easy and fast side buckles as well as almost 360-surround tactical MOLLE. The inner padded surface is designed reduce perspiration discomfort and the comfortable shoulder pads allow both communication and water/hydration stem channeling over the vest.

David Schwartz, Lior's International Sales and BD, says: "The trend towards light compact and comfortable carriers has been duly noted at Israel’s longest standing designer and manufacturer of tactical and protective vests in Israel.  To make the Eitan, Lior has drawn upon some of the best elements of its existing traditional Israeli but also international military and law enforcement designs. Upgrading already great vests into a new refined configuration is always a challenge, but Lior Designers sat and interviewed the very professionals who came inquiring about what Lior had to offer them. We listened and produced the Eitan, a name that stands." 

Lior Officials describe the Eitan vest as tough, but agile. Its ease of use is highlighted by buckles requiring only one to attach and release. Its versatility enables the warrior modularly adjust vest to suit the specific mission at hand including the Eitan 8 model’s ability to alternate ballistic plate sizes. 

Yitchak Bookkris, Lior's CEO said,"Today, our company has moved into a new stage in which we are applying decades of know-how to produce advanced designs for the future soldier and do our part to keep Israeli soldiers and police equipped with tactical and protective garments that meet their needs. The Eitan Vest is an example."

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