Urovesa to Supply up to 700 Vamtac Vehicles to Spanish Armed Forces

Three main variants will be manufactured at the offroad vehicle company's factory: high tactical mobility, high protection, and amphibious without preparation vehicles

The Spanish Ministry of Defense and the Galician company Urovesa have signed a framework contract for the supply of up to 700 High Tactical Mobility Vehicles (Vamtac) to the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and common structures for 146.3 million euros.

The Armyrecognition.com website notes that three main variants will be manufactured at the Urovesa factory in Valga (Pontevedra): high tactical mobility (AMT), high protection (AP) and amphibious without preparation (VSP). Each one has different configurations. Thus, for example, the high tactical mobility variant includes personnel carrier versions (troop transport and command post), closed van (transmissions and ambulance), general cargo, containers and weapon system platform carriers (Spike, Tow, Mistral missiles). Water tank, firefighting, fuel tank and crane are possible ulterior configurations.

According to InfoDefensa.com, the contract entered into force on July 15 for the duration of four years, with the option of an extension for another two years.

The contract specifications include the acquisition of 663 vehicles, although it is clear that this is an approximate figure. In any case, the final number will be between 600 and 700 units, depending on the needs of each year and budget availability. According to the initial plan, the Army will receive 302 AMT vehicles and 41 AP; the Navy, 100 VSP; the Air Force, 20 AMT and another 20 AP; and the 160 AP and 20 VSP common organs.

InfoDefensa.com mentions that the last time such a contract awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Defense to Urovesa was in 2013. Since then, the company has supplied the Spanish Armed Forces with more than 750 Vamtac vehicles in different configurations for 149 million euros.