Israeli Company Ibex Deploys AI Based Technology for Pathology in France

The Galen Prostate solution uses a highly accurate AI algorithm that analyzes biopsies and raises alerts when there are discrepancies, potentially diagnosing missed cancers

Israeli artificial intelligence (AI) company Ibex Medical Analytics will deploy its technology of an AI powered solution for cancer detection in pathology in France, the company announced on Tuesday.

Ibex will work with Medipath, the largest network of private pathology labs in the country, which provides services to more than 170 hospitals and clinics across France.  

Medipath has already completed deployment of Ibex's Galen Prostate as part of its routine clinical practice.  With Ibex's CE-marked solution, a highly accurate AI algorithm analyzes prostate biopsies and raises alerts when discrepancies with the pathologists' initial diagnosis are identified. Alerts can include a potential missed cancer and provide a safety net that helps minimize diagnostic errors in the lab by enhancing quality control.

"Medipath's implementation of Galen Prostate represents a significant step in our global expansion and extends the scope of cooperation between our companies to routine cancer diagnosis - the core of Medipath's clinical practice," said Joseph Mossel, CEO and Co-Founder of Ibex.

"We are happy to share the vision that AI-powered pathologists will take the center stage in the future, with AI applications becoming standard in the cancer pathway and patient care," he said.

Delphine Raoux, MD, Head of Innovation Technologies at Medipath said that, "AI can be a tool in the future of pathology, and we are thrilled to be the first lab in France to reach this milestone."