Report: Israeli Attack in Syria

According to reports in Syria, Israeli planes attacked targets around Damascus. The attack attributed to Israel was allegedly carried out against pro-Iranian forces in Syria

According to media reports in Syria, Israel attacked targets around Damascus. According to a Syrian military source, the attack included a number of missile salvos towards southern Damascus. Syria's air defense systems were switched on, and one Syrian interceptor fell in Jordanian territory

According to Syrian journalist truskao_raheem, the attacks were aimed at the airport near Damascus. A Reuters report claimed that the airstrikes were aimed at the area of Jabal al Mane close to Kiswa, about 15km south of central Damascus. It is an area where Iranian groups are entrenched, according to the report.  Additional targets included Muqaylabiya and Zakiya that are also close to Kiswa, an area where there is a Hezbollah presence. 

A report by alankurd1370 claimed that four Iranians were killed in the attack. According to the report, the attack was carried out because a new weapon shipment that landed in Damascus. 

An Israeli missile strike can be seen in this video. 

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