RADA Radars Incorporated Into Counter-Drone System Selected by US Army

The selection is expected to help the Israeli company make inroads into the expanding market and position its radars as leading options for counter-small unmanned aircraft system solutions

RADA CEO Dov Sella. Photo: Sivan Farag

Israel's RADA Electronic Industries announced July 6 that its mini-tactical radars are incorporated into one of the counter-small unmanned aircraft systems (C-sUAS) that was assessed and recently selected as an interim solution by the US Army.

The assessment was performed by the Joint C-sUAS Office, which was established by the Secretary of Army under the instructions of the Defense Secretary. 

The Army has defined four C-sUAS categories: fixed/semi-fixed systems, mounted/mobile system, handheld systems, and command & control. RADA’s radars are assimilated into the Light-Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (L-MADIS) that was selected as the mounted/mobile system, and are incorporated in part of the recommended fixed solutions, along with other fixed solutions deployed across the US. While not relevant to handheld systems, RADA’s radars are compatible with the recommended command and control systems.

Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO, commented, “The US Army’s selection re-emphasizes the positioning of our radars as the premier option for any C-sUAS solution. We believe that this selection will increase our share in this proliferating market in the near term. In line with the US Army statement, which 'will consider not only the most up-to-date existing technologies, but, more importantly, those new and emerging technologies currently in development', we are in advanced development stages of our next-generation tactical radars that aim to address future challenges and demanding capabilities at highly affordable performance-to-price points.”

He added, “RADA USA, our Maryland-based subsidiary which was established in 2018 to serve the US defense and aerospace markets, has reached full production capability by now, and will produce and fulfill all of the US demand for our advanced multi-mission tactical radars, for C-sUAS and other requirements.” 

In this context, it should be noted that Smart Shooter, an Israeli designer, developer, and manufacturer of fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy of small arms, was also among the handful of C-sUAS solution providers selected by the US Army, as Israel Defense reported on June 29.