Daimler Adopts IBM Public Cloud for Security Capabilities

The move aims to allow the automotive company to drive innovation and benefit from secure and open public clouds for businesses

Photo: Bigstock

International automotive company Daimler has announced this past week a new partnership with IBM, adopting its public cloud for security capabilities. 

As part of the partnership, Daimler will implement an intelligent cloud solution and migrate its global after-sales portal to the IBM public cloud. This will allow the auto firm to drive innovation, while also benefiting from one of the most secure and open public clouds for businesses.

The platform, based on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, is designed to allow Daimler to transform the application into a modern and scalable microservices architecture.

Hosting its portal on IBM public cloud will enable Daimler to scale as needed and quickly introduce new offerings for its users. At the same time, the data will be transferred and stored in the IBM public cloud, which is protected by comprehensive security capabilities, such as IBM Hyper Protect Services.

“As organizations redefine their operations by adopting public cloud, they’re able to drive innovation and modernize their infrastructures,“ said Howard Boville, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud.

“When companies consider migrating to the cloud, security is a top priority. IBM public cloud provides industry-leading encryption capabilities that give our clients exclusive control of their keys and data, delivering our highest level of protection for our clients’ sensitive data; a key requirement for business across all highly regulated industries," he added.

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