US Asks Tech Giants to Prevent Use of Platforms for Incitement, Illegal Activity

The acting US secretary of homeland security said that amid the recent protests there is a growing phenomenon of social media being used to coordinate attacks on other people, looting, destruction and the breaking of curfews  

Photo: Bigstock

The US government, well aware of the power of social media in the recent protests against racial inequality, has officially requested five of the world's leading tech companies to ensure that their platforms are not used for violation of the law.   

In the letter sent last week to the CEOs of Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, Alphabet’s Google and Facebook, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said “The misuse of social media platforms to coordinate criminal acts threatens the safety and security of our nation.” 

At the same time, he emphasized that the department respects the exercise of First Amendment rights, saying “the department supports the powerful voice that social media provides to its users.”

Wolf asked the CEOs to "do your part to put an end to violence and illegal activity spreading across our country by ensuring that your platforms are not used as a tool to organize, facilitate, or incite dangerous or deadly riots, in violation of state and local laws.”

In this regard, the acting secretary requested the companies to halt the sharing of information for attacks against other people, looting, destruction and the breaking of curfews. Wolf's letter was initially reported by the Washington Post.