Pro-Iranian Militias in Syria Hit by Series of Airstrikes

According to reports in the Arab media, the attacks took place just hours after the arrival of a shipment of Iranian weapons in Syria

Reports on June 24 said Israel carried out a series of airstrikes overnight against pro-Iranian militia targets in Syria, following the reported arrival of an Iranian arms shipment early in the day. 

Syrian television reported late in the evening that Israel carried out simultaneous attacks against targets in the area of Suweida, in the south, and near Deir az-Zour in the eastern part of the country. A Syrian military source was quoted as saying hostile aircraft fired a number of missiles at outposts near Deir az-Zour and in the vicinity of the nearby town of Suchna. 

Five pro-Iranian militiamen and two Syrian soldiers were said to have been killed in the airstrikes. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group, the soldiers were killed when a Syrian military communication center and radar were hit. The Observatory also said a militia base was destroyed. 

A report by the Al-Arabiyah network said a large shipment of weapons from Iran had arrived in the Suweida area that morning. 

After midnight, the Syrian media reported that Israeli warplanes attacked military bases in Hama province in the western part of the country, including one in Salamiya and another in Sabura. Reuters quoted sources as saying an Iranian arms depot near Salamiya was repeatedly bombed, and a command center in Sabura run by Iranian militias was severely damaged. Other reports said one of the targets was a missile factory in the area.

The latest strikes followed recent reports that pro-Iranian militias in Syria have shifted their operations to new bases in southern provinces.

Reuters quoted regional intelligence sources as saying Israeli airstrikes on Syria are part of a shadow war approved by the US, as well as part of a policy that has dealt a blow to Iran’s military power without triggering a major escalation of hostilities.

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