Senegal Buys Taurus Rifles and Machine Guns

The leading South American exporter of arms and ammunition supplied weapons to one of the West African country's military forces  

The Taurus T4 5.56mm rifle. Photo via Santiago Rivas and Florencia Lucero Heguy reports that the Senegalese National Gendarmerie has procured 1,000 T4 rifles and some 200 machine guns from Brazilian manufacturer Taurus.

Developed specifically for the military and law enforcement markets, the 5.56mm T4 rifle, a design based on the almost ubiquitous M4/M16 platform, is used by military forces worldwide, who acquire the weapon for its reliability, ease of use and low maintenance requirements.

Taurus is currently the leading South American exporter of arms and ammunition, having exported more than $300 million (€265 million) worth of products per year for eight successive years. The United States is the destination for most Brazilian arms, although the African and Asian markets have begun to grow. Over 80% of the company's income comes from exports. In 2019, it had net income of $187 million, an 18.3% increase over the previous year, with $152 million coming from the international market.

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