UVision HERO-30 Munition Successfully Completes a NATO Navy Trial

The system demonstrated its capability to track, lock on and strike moving targets in a highly precise manner, according to the Israeli company

UVision HERO-30 Munition Successfully Completes a NATO Navy Trial

Photo: UVision

Israeli company UVision’s high precision, lightweight, portable loitering munition system, the HERO-30, recently completed a successful evaluation by a major NATO navy.

Demonstrating high-precision strike, tracking and lock-on of moving targets and a high degree of mission adaptability, the system performed well, according to the company. The climax of the sea trials was a strike on a target moving at 20kts in a GPS-denied environment. The simulated threat of a suicide speedboat laden with explosives was neutralized with extreme precision.

“Proving our system’s […] capabilities for naval applications to a strategic NATO member is an additional step in UVision's expansion of its customer base [presenting] our systems’ incorporated high-precision attack level and abort capabilities, with operation simplicity, allowing for front-line naval forces to quickly respond while eliminating any immediate threat that arises,” commented UVision CEO, Maj Gen (Ret) Avi Mizrachi.

HERO-30 is deployable within minutes, is capable of speeds of up to 100kts and is ideal for missions that require no collateral damage assurance. Weighing only 3kg, it carries a 0.5kg warhead and reaches a range of up to 40km. With a stealthy, silent electrical engine and a canister that allows launching from multiple platforms, it provides extreme mission flexibility for the troops.

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