Russia: We May Have Shot Down Israeli Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Russia reports that it is possible that an unmanned Israeli aircraft was shot down over Syria by a Russian laser

The Russian laser weapon system. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian military is using Syrian territory to conduct tests of laser weapons, and it is possible that such a weapon is responsible for the downing of an Israeli remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) recently in the southwestern part of the country, Russian website Avia Pro reports. 

The report claimed that it is a mobile weapon system based on high energy called Peresvet that was unveiled by President Vladimir Putin in March 2018. Later that year, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a battalion of the Russian military was armed with the weapon system for the first time. In January of this year, the Russian news agency said that it is a system for jamming and blocking electro-magnetic frequencies intended to destroy unmanned aircraft and ground targets.

According to the Russian site, which was quoted by Army Recognition, the system that was placed in Syria can be operated from the ground, ships or aircraft. It creates an infrared beam from a solid-state laser array.  The type placed in Syria is mounted on a large truck and is intended to shoot down RPAs, cruise missiles and low-flying targets.  


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