Singaporean F-16s Spotted Carrying Out Operations with Elbit Recon Pods: Report

Photographs reportedly show that the aircraft have been fitted with Elbit's Condor 2 advanced reconnaissance system  

F-16. Photo: AP

Singaporean Air Force jets have been confirmed to be equipped with reconnaissance pods produced by Israel's Elbit Systems, according to reports on May 29.

Several images of Singaporean F-16D Flying Falcons, provided by various sources, show the aircraft carrying the Elbit Condor 2 electro-optical long range oblique photography (LOROP) system, according to Defense News. It said the photos were taken over several months in mid-2019. 

Elbit announced in March 2017 that an unspecified customer from the Asia-Pacific region signed an $82 million contract to acquire the Condor 2. However, it remains unclear whether Singapore was the customer, Defense News said. 

According to Elbit, the Condor 2 provides high-resolution visible and infrared images at a long standoff distance, covering wide areas in a short time span, while lowering the risk to the aircraft by enabling photography at longer distances and higher altitudes.