Israeli Institutions Conducting COVID-19 Research Were Targeted in Latest Cyberattack: Report

According to a report in the Israeli media, the attacks apparently aimed at sabotage were foiled, and operations of the institutions were not affected

Photo: Bigstock

Israeli institutions conducting coronavirus vaccine research were among those hit by a cyberattack last week, an Israeli TV news report said on May 25.

The thousands of Israeli websites targeted on May 21 included a number of research institutions developing a vaccine and a cure for the virus, Channel 12 News said, adding that the attack was believed to have been aimed at sabotaging the development process rather than stealing the data. 

The report did not specify the institutions that had been targeted or the source of the information.  

Iran is said to have been increasing its cyberattacks against Israel in recent weeks, including the targeting of Israel's water infrastructure in April. According to a report in the Washington Post, Israel retaliated by carrying out a cyberattack against a major port in the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on May 9. The perpetrator of last week's large-scale cyberattack against Israel has not been officially identified. 

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