US F-35 Crashes in Florida, Just Days After Crash of F-22 from Same Base

The pilot ejected safely and was hospitalized. There were no immediate details on the cause of the incident 

F-35. Photo: Lockheed Martin

Two advanced US fighter jets from the same Air Force base in Florida have crashed during the last five days. 

In the latest incident, an F-35A Lightning II fighter crashed as it landed at Elgin Air Force Base following a night training sortie on May 19.

A statement from the base said the pilot successfully ejected and was hospitalized in stable condition. There was said to be no loss of life or damage to civilian property. No details were released on what might have caused the accident.

The crash came just four days after an F-22 Raptor stealth fighter from the same base crashed into a nearby reservation during a morning training flight. The pilot is said to have ejected safely.   

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