Cardiac Arrest Found as Cause of Envoy's Death; China Believed to Accept Result of Investigation

The 58-year-old ambassador is believed to have died in his sleep, although it is not known what caused his heart to stop beating. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have apparently accepted the results of the Israeli investigation, and will not be sending a team to look into the incident

The Israel Police's forensic investigation division has concluded that cardiac arrest caused the death of Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei, whose body was found at his residence on the morning of May 17. The Chinese authorities, meanwhile, informed Israel that they decided against their initial plan to send a team to Israel to look into the death, which is interpreted as meaning that China accepts the findings of the investigation.    
Investigators from the division were said to have used a mobile laboratory rather than transfer the body to the National Center for Forensic Medicine for an autopsy. The envoy was reportedly found in bed.
Israel's Ambassador to China Zvi Hefetz said during a radio interview on May 17 that the Israeli Foreign Ministry had made special arrangements so that Du could come to Israel to assume his post three months ago, even though the borders were closed to Chinese citizens because of the pandemic.  
He declined to comment on what may have led to the cardiac arrest, although he said that he knew of cases in which people simply died in their sleep.
China had initially decided to dispatch a team to Israel to investigate the incident, and reportedly requested that the team be exempted from Israel's two-week mandatory quarantine for anyone allowed to enter the country from overseas. But China informed Israel on May 18 that the team will not be sent.