Israel's SDS Develops Tech to Help Countries Reopen to International Travelers

The company's new AI-based system is said to verify the accuracy of online COVID-19 health declaration forms submitted by those arriving from overseas. A pilot program using the technology is currently underway

Photo: Reuters

Israeli security company Suspect Detection Systems (SDS) says it has developed a new AI-based technology aimed at helping governments reopen their borders to international travelers as part of their recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

The new solution named SmartForms will enable authorities to check the accuracy of online COVID-19 health declaration forms submitted by those arriving from overseas. Such forms are being used by Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority since March.

The SmartForms technology was developed by SDS based on its 12-year deployment of AI- based technologies for border control and security agencies in Singapore and 14 other countries. 

Part of each county's coronavirus exit strategy is the reopening of the country to international travelers. Most countries will require international travelers to fill out a health declaration form prior to arrival. Singapore, India and other countries are already using online health declarations as part of the pre-arrival process. The challenge regarding such forms is that governments do not have the means of checking the information provided by the travelers. In other words – to know if the visitor is lying.

But with new SmartForms technology, such verification is possible. SDS developed an AI-based accuracy verification capability based on well-known scientific principles. The technology will enable governments to screen travelers before they enter the country and check the accuracy of their declaration. The new technology utilizes the P300 and guilty knowledge methodology AI algorithms. 

The SmartForms solution originally developed for Israel's security agencies can now be approved for export to a specific number of countries. A pilot program of the coronavirus-related application of the technology is currently underway.

SDS has more than 12 years of experience developing AI-based human pattern recognition technologies, with installations in 15 countries. Besides SmartForms, the company also offers the COGITO AI-based hostile intent detection system that is used by security agencies to screen travelers. 


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