Coronavirus Crisis Speeds Up Conversion of Commercial Planes for Cargo

Airlines such as Delta, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines and others have not only started shifting their passenger jets to ferry freight, but also stopped selling tickets for middle seats in order to maintain social distancing between passengers

Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aero Mexico and others are converting commercial jets into cargo jets. Air Canada removed hundreds of seats from its ultra-modern passenger planes in order to transport medical equipment. The number of cargo flights around the world has grown significantly.

Delta Airlines has stopped selling tickets for middle seats in the passenger rows in order to maintain social distancing. A number of days ago, the Turkish airline operated cargo flights with its B777 passenger jets, among others, to Tel Aviv and 10 other cities, thus adding capacity of thousands of tons of cargo.  Aero Mexico flew 15 tons of equipment to in its ultra-modern B787 passenger jet, while nearly all of Swissair's flights this week are cargo flights, mainly between Zurich and Hong Kong.

United Airlines operates 40 weekly cargo flights, quite a few times more than before the coronavirus era. The American company announced that the huge growth in cargo flights worldwide is intended to maintain the supply chain for necessities, consumer products and above all else medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, all at a time that the volume of passenger flights has plummeted.