Rafael Subsidiary, with Orbiter Drone, in Running for Australian Army Contract

Leidos Australia is offering the Australian Army the Orbiter 4 UAV produced by Rafael subsidiary Aeronautics Group. For Rafael, it is the first time to be competing for an international drone tender since acquiring the company


In a bid for a large Australian Army project, defense contractor Leidos Australia is offering the Orbiter 4 drone, produced by Israel's Aeronautics Group. The Shepard website reports that the army is seeking to replace its Shadow 200 UAVs.

The Orbiter 4 is an unmanned, multi-mission aircraft with endurance and multiple payload capabilities, reduced logistical footprint and minimum crew.  It can be used for artillery fire management, search and rescue, reconnaissance and collection of intelligence.  The payloads are equipped with target acquisition for precision-guided weapons, advanced communications and electronic warfare. It has a maximum speed of 70 knots, service ceiling of 18,000 feet and endurance of 24 hours.

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