Nutanix Unveils FastTrack for Rapid Onboarding of Thousands of Remote Employees

Ophir Rom, senior systems engineering, Nutanix. Photo: Niv Kantor

Many organizations are dealing with the reality of needing to set up all their employees to work remotely, while maintaining access to the same tools and applications they require to be productive.

To help organizations deal with this challenge, Nutanix has announced a new offer called FastTrack for VDI to support companies anywhere in the world quickly deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

FastTrack for VDI is a service delivery option to onboard thousands of remote employees in record time. It will help enterprises provide secure, seamless access to business apps and desktops employees want while maintaining the security and control businesses need. Customers will be able to leverage existing hardware, select predefined Nutanix hardware, or leverage managed cloud infrastructure from managed service provider (MSP) partners.

FastTrack for VDI is now available to customers around the world.

Ophir Rom, senior systems engineering, said "Nutanix entered the market offering a solution that simplifies the VDI infrastructure and gives users efficiency and simplicity. In the past, the computing infrastructure for VDI environments required very complex set-up processes, which took weeks and can now be done in record time."

In the last few weeks, customers working with the VDI solution have informed Nutanix that they have transitioned smoothly to work from home, Rom said.

"Nutanix's VDI solution has been successfully implemented for many years in Israel and around the world. In Israel, the solution is implemented in financial organizations, hi-tech companies, government offices, universities, colleges, critical infrastructure organizations, and many others," he added.

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