DMway Analytics, Targeting Coronavirus, Offers Platform for Free

The company said it hopes the machine learning platform will empower thousands of people to analyze COVID-19 data and help win the war against the virus. DMway plans to train up to 100 people at a time via video link from its headquarters.

Photo: Bigstock

Israel's DMWay Analytics said March 30 that it is offering its machine learning platform for free to every health ministry and COVID-19 research center in the world as part of the efforts against the spread of the deadly virus.

In a press release, the company said predictive analytics and machine learning will be a key part of winning the struggle against COVID-19, with data analysis essential for understanding the spread of the virus and the effectiveness of treatment.   

 According to DMway, its auto-ML platform could transform non-scientists such as analysts, data and BI experts into capable data scientists, so data regarding the virus could be processed much faster.

The press release quoted Gil Nizri, the company's CEO, as saying "The time is right for technology leaders to donate as much as they can to help the world in confronting this invisible and brutal enemy. We have invested millions of dollars in our tool, but free access at this critical time is essential. Machine learning will be a key tool in dealing with Covid-19."   

"We hope the DMway tool will be used to empower thousands of relevant people to analyze Covid-19 related data. It is simple to learn, and we will train people en-masse of up to 100 at a time via video link from our HQ here in Israel," he said.

The company has developed a machine learning course that has been adjusted to the needs of biologists, epidemic analysts and healthcare data experts, according to the CEO.