“Support for IDF action against Iran - even if it leads to war”

A comprehensive study by the INSS has found that the Israeli public supports the IDF’s actions against Iranian entrenchment in the northern sector. According to the findings, only about half of the public thinks that the home front is prepared for a war. Also: What does the public think about Israel’s relations with the US?

IDF F-35 aircraft. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

A comprehensive study by Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) has found that the public believes that the IDF is prepared for war and that the resolute policy in the north should be continued, even at the price of escalation. The particularly wide-ranging study, including a representative sample of 800 people, is based on in-depth interviews conducted with the participants.

The study, published ahead of the annual INSS conference, agrees with the IDF’s assessment; 31% of the public perceives the northern sector to be the greatest point of danger for Israel, followed by the Iranian nuclear program with 26%. Meanwhile, the position of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has dropped gradually and is now at 14%. The perception of Hamas in Gaza as a threat is declining, with only 14% of the public viewing Hamas as a strategic threat.

An “especially interesting“ point, the INSS emphasized, “is the position of the public on the topic of the home front’s readiness for a scenario of military conflict – 54% believe that the home front is ready. This is an interesting statistic, considering the campaign started by the IDF to raise awareness among the citizens of Israel of a scenario of war, in which the home front will also pay a price. The importance of the IDF’s awareness campaign becomes even greater considering the following statistic: A large majority, 72% of the public, indicate that they are either not preparing for the scenario of war, or only preparing in a very limited way. Only 28% replied that they are preparing themselves to a great extent or very great extent for such a scenario on the home front.”

The study also found that 82% agree with the statement that “Israel can only rely on itself”; 60% believe that the people of Israel are the “chosen people”; and 50% do not believe that the US will stand alongside Israel if it is attacked in the way that Saudi Arabia was attacked recently by Iran.

The complete findings of the comprehensive study coordinated by Dr. Zipi Israeli, a senior researcher for the INSS, will be presented in the framework of the institute’s 13th international conference.

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