British Military Conducts First Tests of Elbit’s IronVision System

The helmet-mounted system provides a real-time 360-degree view of a tank’s surrounding area. The British Army is using the system to upgrade its Challenger tank

The Elbit IronVision system (archive photo)

The Elbit IronVision helmet-mounted battlefield situational awareness system recently went through its first tests with the British military. These were conducted in early December 2019, at a British operations facility in the UK. A capabilities demonstration was performed on December 5, in the presence of British Army leaders, including members of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

A UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) spokesperson told Jane’s, “Project Streetfighter was aimed at adding modifications to the current Challenger 2 to optimize it for urban operations. The three main focuses of these modifications are lethality, situational awareness, and infantry-tank cooperation.”

Elbit has stated that the inclusion of IronVision in the tank was part of a situational awareness upgrade, and that the company had worked with the UK to integrate the system since it was first tried in January 2019. IronVision gives a tank operator a 360-degree view of the tank’s surroundings in real time.

A UK Ministry of Defence spokesperson said the changes to the tank also included adding gun turrets; an anti-tank guided missile launcher on the roof; and an improves communications system. 

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