Report: Iran Building Weapons Storage Tunnel on Syria-Iraq Border

Israeli intelligence company ImageSat International said the tunnel appears to have been built in order to protect missiles and other advanced weapon systems from airstrikes

Source: ImageSat International (ISI)

Satellite imagery released on Tuesday by ImageSat International (ISI) show signs of a tunnel being excavated at the Imam Ali base near the Syria-Iraq border. 

The base, located in the Albukamal area, has been targeted by several Israeli airstrikes in the past year, according to Syrian media. ISI said work on the tunnel was accelerated a few weeks after the site was attacked the first time, on September 9.

According to ISI, the tunnel will be used to store and move missiles and other weapon systems, in order to protect them from airstrikes.

“Currently, the estimated tunnel’s width is 4-5 meters and its length is unknown. Due to the area’s rigid flat terrain, it is unlikely that the tunnel will be extended significantly,” the report said.

Fox News, after consulting with Western intelligence sources who reviewed the information, reported that the tunnel is estimated to be nearly 400 feet (122 meters) long, 15 feet wide (4.5 meters) and 13 feet (four meters) deep. According to the report, a shed has been used to hide the entrance to the tunnel and large dirt piles appeared at the opposite end of it.

Last week, the New York Times reported that Iran is secretly moving hundreds of short-range missiles to Iraq that are capable of hitting Israel, Saudi Arabia, and US troops in the region.


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