Cybertech Tokyo: Israeli-Japanese Cooperative Alliance to Provide Cybersecurity to Japanese Hospitals

Japanese health insurance group Sompo Risk Management has signed an agreement for cybersecurity cooperation with Assuta Medical Centers of Israel. In the context of the agreement, signed and announced during the Cybertech Tokyo Conference, Israeli solutions will be incorporated in the cybersecurity systems of hospitals in Japan

Prof. Ari Shamis, CEO of Assuta Medical Centers, and Yoshihisa Miyazaki, GM of Sompo Cybersecurity, sign the cooperation agreement (Photo: Mark Oxley)

Sompo Cybersecurity, a member of Sompo Risk Management of Japan, has announced Tuesday that it was expanding its range of cybersecurity services to include cybersecurity for hospitals. The agreement was signed during the Cybertech Tokyo Conference, currently being held in Japan, in the presence of Prof. Ari Shamis, CEO of Assuta Medical Centers, Yaffa Ben-Ari, Israeli Ambassador to Japan, and Yoshihisa Miyazaki, GM of Sompo Cybersecurity.

The Sompo Risk Management Group is a leader in the Japanese health and hospital insurance market. It provides insurance services to 75% of the country's hospitals – about 8,500 medical institutions. In addition to insurance services, Sompo Risk Management offers consulting services for minimizing professional medical risks. The cybersecurity unit of Sompo Risk Management will provide a platform for innovative hospital security services and products. As part of this process, Sompo has signed, during the Cybertech Tokyo Conference, a cooperation agreement with Assuta Medical Centers of Israel, to develop consulting methodologies regarding cybersecurity for hospitals.

According to the agreement, work will commence in early 2020 and is to include the development of cybersecurity consulting services to Japanese hospitals. The consulting services will include diagnosis of cybersecurity risks at hospitals, assistance in the development of a corporate information security policy, managing and providing cybersecurity tools to managers, and activity intended to raise the level of cybersecurity awareness. In the context of the agreement, the cybersecurity consulting services will also be incorporated in such internal hospital processes as patient admission, employee dismissal, organizational processes, and so forth.

"As the leader of the field of medical services in Israel, we take the issue of cybersecurity very seriously," says Assuta's CISO, Tamir Ronen. "In view of our extensive experience, Assuta has developed, over the last few years, a cybersecurity policy for the medical and administrative processes in our hospitals. The fact that Sompo Cybersecurity chose us as their partners is a great honor, and we are committed to offering the most advanced cybersecurity consulting in Japan," said Ronen.

Additionally, Sompo Cybersecurity announced at the conference a new cooperative alliance with the Medigate Company of Israel, which specializes in cybersecurity for medical centers. As its flagship hospital cybersecurity product, Medigate offers the ability to identify devices within the hospital network, the ability to analyze risks and threats, and to cope with cyber risks. The solution to be assimilated in hospitals will enable them to be better protected and more efficient.

"At present, security for medical devices is a global challenge our company has pledged to resolve," said Medigate CEO Jonathan Langer. "The Japanese market is highly advanced with regard to digital aspects, and providing hospital assets with cybersecurity is a must. Consequently, the Japanese market is very important for us. In cooperation with Sompo, we will be able to generate substantial influence on cybersecurity for Japanese hospitals."

Yoshihisa Miyazaki, GM of Sompo Cybersecurity, said after the signature: "The global cyber warfare arena requires a holistic approach that would provide a global solution for properly and effectively coping with the cyber threats and risks that are intensifying worldwide. The combination between the experience and the tools of Assuta's cybersecurity team, along with Medigate's medical device identification and security capabilities and the knowledge of Sompo, will enable us to make some of the world's best cybersecurity capabilities accessible to the Japanese market."

As stated, the substantial agreement was signed during the Cybertech Tokyo Conference – one of the primary Cybertech events held around the world. It is regarded as Japan's largest cyber event. The main international Cybertech Conference will be held in Tel-Aviv between January 28 and January 30, 2020.

Every year, Cybertech Tokyo draws thousands of visitors from around the world, along with dozens of senior executives from Israel who come to Japan to bolster the relations between the two countries, as part of the Memorandum of Understandings regarding the field of cyber. Dozens of established Israeli companies, along with Israeli cyber startups, participate in the conference and the concurrent exhibition and present their latest innovations and developments to the conference visitors.